Azure Cloud Development
We do cloud development and migration of existing and new application

Our Azure Cloud Capability can help you effortlessly develop, manage and upgrade Apps on Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure offers a host of integrated cloud services including analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web. We help you utilize these efficiencies, flexibility and power by using Azure’s pre-built templates and managed services, to quickly develop highly scalable and adaptable apps for you. Apps that are make it easier manage and upgrade.

We specialise in providing ‘Azure Micro Service,’ ‘Container Services,’ and ‘Logicaps,’ services

Azure Migration Support

We provide support, consultation and guidance for migrating any of your Cloud based Apps to Azure Cloud. We assist you in integrating you current Data Center with Azure Cloud.

Development Lab

We offer rich experience in setting up an Azure development LAB for you.

Azure App Development

We provide guidance and support on developing effective Apps using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. We are experienced in developing Apps from scratch in MS Azure Cloud Environment.

Why choose Azure as your Cloud Partner?

    1) Azure offers integrated tools, pre-build templates and managed services making it easier to get more work done quickly

    2) Azure supports a broad range of technologies (Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Frameworks Tools, Databases, etc.)

    3) Azure allows you to integrate your current Data Center with the Azure Cloud

    4) Azure offers you the 'Scale and Pay as you Grow' flexibility so you can scale up and down to match your demand.

    5) Azure offers highest security per ISO 27018. Stringently ensures to meet rigorous compliance requirements of U.S. public agencies.

    6) Azure’s offers predictive analytics services, such as Machine Learning, Cortana Analytics and Stream Analytics, etc.

    7) Azure is trusted by over 65% of the fortune 500 companies