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Biztechnosys is an established IT Firm with over 4 years in developing and optimizing Web apps and Databases especially in the Cloud and Microsoft Azure Areas.

We successfully served more than 100 small and medium sized business customers. Our team of over 50 employees specialize in Umbraco, Azure, Database Optimization, Application Optimization, etc. Most of our employees have multiple certifications in their areas of expertise. So far we delivered over 250 projects spanning DB Optimization, App optimization, App Development, Umbracro Development and Azure related projects.

Our core IT Business consultation services include.

  1) Designing and architecting your web and mobile apps

  2) Simplifying your business processes and improving the user experience

  3) Providing efficient solutions that satisfy your business requirement besides value added services.


    years in Business

   customer served

   projects delivered



       100 +

        250 +

    50 +


App design and solution

We help you develop solutions using Micro server design and cutting edge technology to streamline your business processes and help you achieve a smoother and faster response time for your customers. We follow both the waterfall method and the agile method to give you a quick workable and efficient application that meets your business requirements.

Database optimization

We have a huge amount of experience in Database Optimization. Our DBAs and Database experts can help and guide you in making good and accurate DB optimization decisions.

Website optimization

We can optimize your Web app to improve its response time by working on various aspects of your web app. Please view our Application Optimization page for more details.